Undead invade Sebastopol

Sixth Copperfield’s Zombie Walk hits downtown

Participants of the Annual Copperfield’s Bookstore Zombie Walk, Dannie Del Secco (left), Jake Espinoza (center), and Dorothy Fast (right) prove zombies can be law-abiding citizens too, using the crosswalk during their invasion of downtown Sebastopol on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014.

The weekend rain unearthed cursed corpses, flooding the streets with zombies that descended on the unsuspecting town of Sebastopol on Saturday for the sixth annual Copperfield’s Zombie Walk. Ever hungry, it’s no surprise that their insatiable quest led them to a bookstore — the logically place for big, juicy brains to congregate.

After the group grunted greetings to each other, they turned their attention to Copperfield’s employee Michelle Nozzari. Realizing her peril, she fled for her life. Alerting the town to the doom that followed her, Nozzari yelled “It’s the zombie apocalypse! Run!” as the horde of a dozen zombies followed her close behind, lurching and groaning as they shuffled their descimated bodies down Main Street.

Nozzari tried to lose her hungry pursuers at the Whole Foods, but the mob was undeterred by her efforts to evade them. They kept hot on her trail as she changed directions and made the desperate decision to return to the bookstore. The undead followed her back inside, but fortunately, quick-thinking bookstore employees were able to distract the undead mob with cookies and other treats, giving them dark red cranberry juice to trick them out of their blood thirst.

While munching on their snacks, the zombies participated in a couple of contests to determine who was most ghoulish. Jake Espinoza claimed the title of “best zombie walk,” while Dorothy Fast received the honors of “best zombie noise,” earning them their very own copies of the book “Zombies Have Issues” and a small stuffed zombie companion to help them through their zombification.

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